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The county of Norfolk is rich and diverse in artistic creativity being home to many famous and aspiring artists.

The founders of Artfolk of Norfolk being artists, wanted to address the need for a local community website and social media platform for elected artists and artisans where their amazing talents can be showcased and marketed.



Janette Williams


Caroline Williamson

Janette is an artist and teacher who met Caroline through her art classes. They became good friends and found that they complimented each other very well and so founded Artfolk of Norfolk.

Being a newcomer to Norfolk, Janette joined local art groups but didn’t feel that they fulfilled her needs for help in marketing her art. With this in mind and other artists expressing the same needs, Artfolk of Norfolk was created to be just that, ‘a supportive local artistic community to help market, facilitate and showcase selected artists that live in the county of Norfolk through social media, exhibitions, events and education. 

Caroline has lived in Norfolk for 16 years and has good local knowledge. Having a passion for art but only recently being able to fulfil that need, she acted on her desires and joined Janette’s art classes. Through the learning process she discovered that there was an inner artist that could express herself and now feels confident of her artistic abilities.


The county of Norfolk is rich and diverse in artistic creativity being home to many famous and aspiring artists.

The founders of Artfolk of Norfolk being artists, wanted to address the need for a local community website and social media platform for elected artists and artisans where their amazing talents can be showcased and marketed.


Holkham Wetlands


Our aims – To market, to facilitate, to communicate, to educate
• Marketing a diverse range of art is a challenge but through the internet and social media, it allows us to reach a greater audience than our local exhibitions and events do. Our virtual gallery gives you the feeling of being right in front of a piece of art, and our room settings allow you to get a sense of scale and proportion.

• At Exhibitions/events – Artfolk of Norfolk facilitates and provides a supportive umbrella for all events and exhibitions promoting the artistic talents of our amazing members. This benefits all as we have a greater presence at events and exhibitions. see our current events/exhibitions

• Community – Our regular email newsletters are a great way to stay up-to-date with our current members, new artists, and our updated artworks. Be first to know about our exhibitions, events, classes & workshops and find out how you can get involved. Subscribe to our mailing list.

Education – Artfolk of Norfolk also want to support and encourage emerging artists- many of our artist offer classes or workshops. See our current classes/workshops ‘Art Fledglings’ is our area for promoting up and coming artists.
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Unique Art

What makes an original piece of art so special?

‘If people knew how hard I had to work to gain my mastery, it would not seem so wonderful at all’. Michelangelo.

The artist narrates an emotional act in time and space, a story to be told with the hands contouring what the mind suggests – it is captured in that brief moment then, blink and it is gone forever….
Owning an original piece of art affects us on many levels – emotional, spiritual, and physical. It is not just the aesthetics that captures the eye at first, but it is also an act of selfish emotional expression by the artist.

It is a one-off – no one else in the world will have what you have, nor could they, only you will have that emotional bond that you feel towards it.

It is very special indeed.

Commission an artist – Can’t find just what you are looking for?

Many of our members will work with you on a commission basis and create that perfect piece of artwork whether to fit a niche or make a statement piece.

To enquire about an artist please contact us at Info@artfolkofnorfolk.co.uk

Buyers Pledge

Buyer Support

When you have made a purchase with Artfolk of Norfolk you will receive confirmation of your purchase via email with details of your purchase. Please check these thoroughly, ensure your delivery details are correct and inform us of any discrepancies within 24 hours. Once the artist has sent your purchase you will be sent a tracking reference number so you are aware of where your parcel is in transit.

Please open your parcel carefully and retain your packaging in case required for a return.  If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you have 14 days in which to return it from the date of delivery and will have a full refund guaranteed if returned in the condition it was sent. However, for special orders, please note that this may not apply. Any damage to parcel or discrepancies to your order please provide photographic evidence and we will take action immediately to rectify it for you. All transactions and communications are with Artfolk of Norfolk, if there are any issues, we will deal with them on your behalf. Artfolk of Norfolk will contact you via email shortly after your delivery to ensure that you are happy with your purchase. We welcome any feedback that would help us to improve our service to you and love you to support our artists with testimonials for their work.

Buyer Assurance

 Artfolk of Norfolk are proud that all our independent artists have been selected by our and founders to offer a diverse variety and a quality product that is unique and is 100% made in Norfolk.

Our website is not all about art, it is about our customers and our artists – the people who share a love of unique creativity. We have designed a simple, clean platform to make browsing and buying artwork easy and enjoyable. With our ‘buy with confidence’ that all our artist agrees to, be assured that your purchase will arrive safely and hopefully be enjoyed for many years to come.

Every transaction is safe and secure, with artworks sold by Artfolk of Norfolk and sent directly by the Artist. We understand the concerns over art in transit, so please be reassured that all our artists are experts at packaging their art to ensure safe arrival to your door. While using only their most trusted courier for safe delivery.  After purchase, an email will be sent with tracking information and a signature will be required upon delivery.

If you are not entirely happy with your purchase we have a 14 days returns policy with 100% money-back guarantee.

Buyer Benefits

Not only does Norfolk have the best beaches and largest skies in England – it attracts and inspires a wealth of artists to paint, photograph, sculpt and throw or even blow.

We would like to introduce you to our selected and varied artists, some of the best that live and work in our county all under one umbrella – Artfolk of Norfolk.

Artfolk of Norfolk bring you the opportunity to own a unique original piece of art crafted in the county of Norfolk. Each artist offers a quality product and follows our ‘confidence to buy’ customer guarantee terms and conditions. This allows the customer peace of mind when purchasing a work of art from us. Our artists pack their own art and use a reputable courier company to ensure a safe delivery.

Whether you are just browsing or after something in particular we are here to help you. With our categories and alphabetic artist listings, it is easy to find a specific genre or an artist you may follow. However, our personal service means we are ready to answer any questions that you may have for us or our artists. If it’s a commission your seeking we can put you in touch with the artist that most suits your requirements.

We are really proud to also show our support to our young and up and coming artists in our ‘Art Fledglings’ section. Here we give new artists the chance to have a platform to exhibit and sell their work.

Our secure e-commerce system allows you to purchase with peace of mind. Not only this, we offer a 14 day returns full money-back guarantee from the date of delivery if you are not fully satisfied with your purchase.

Artists Pledge

Artists Support

As a member of the Artfolk of Norfolk artist community, you will have direct access to the founders via a member-only email. You will receive a reply within 24 hours unless urgent and we will call you as soon as possible.

Artfolk of Norfolk will always conduct transactions and communications for you with purchasers online. If there are any disputes or claims we will handle the procedures for you. We will also pass on any goodwill testimonials and comments to you.

Please contact us for any reason you feel that something with your transaction is incorrect and check your order details thoroughly to ensure they match what you are sending to the customer.

Artfolk of Norfolk select the counties best and prestigious exhibitions /fairs/events and book for its members. With a large stand, we create an umbrella and greater presence for our artists sharing in the cost of these large events. We assist in setting up and taking down, create an invigilating rota so you are not needed for the entire event and allows you to network with other artists taking part.

On our social media forum, you will be able to network with other members, assist and request help. We will create ads promoting Artfolk of Norfolk to the largest audience in the world.

 Artist Assurance

When you become a member of Artfolk of Norfolk, you become part of an exclusive community aided by people with excellent marketing skills, who can safely showcase and sell your work. As founders, we are deeply passionate about art and we care for the artists. This is because we too, are artists and understand the struggle. We know how difficult and isolating it can be, alone at exhibitions, and that is why we started. Not only do we provide a platform to have your work viewed worldwide 24 hrs a day, but we also make it possible to attend large and small exhibitions as a group. This is widely beneficial as it allows you to share costs, take comfort breaks and view the exhibition you’re a part of. As well as giving you the foundations to build a secure friend base in the art world.

Regarding online sales; you, the artist, are in control. You package and post your artwork while choosing your trusted courier.

Artfolk of Norfolk will research, find and arrange exhibitions, giving you plenty of opportunities to book events that will enhance your sales and profile.  We will greet you when you arrive, show you to your ‘area’ and introduce you to fellow members, who due to our stringent application policy, will be equally as talented and dedicated artists.

Artist Benefits

Artfolk of Norfolk offers a clean, simple yet innovative selling platform keeping the artist and their art a visual delight to the customer. Showcasing and selling your art is what we are all about, not just images of your work, but in room settings and then the bonus choice of having your own ‘wow factor’ of a virtual gallery on our website.

We keep you informed – we don’t just stop at our website. On our social media, we will promote and advertise our artists and our events to one of the largest audiences in the world. There is also a members forum where you can share, chat and ask for help or offer advice.

It doesn’t stop there either; we also aim to have 6 exhibitions a year providing a large ‘Artfolk of Norfolk’ presence at not only the most prestigious county fairs but also our own events across the county. To benefit our members, we will book, and offer a section of exhibition space to our members thus reducing the burden of cost. This will also give you a chance to network with other members and share the burden of setting up, taking down and invigilation times spent at the event.

You are the artist, it is you that makes us who we are and we appreciate what you do, hence we keep our costs and commissions low so you retain a sense of value for you art. It is important that our customer testimonials for your work are visible to assure other buyers that you offer a great product and service.

We have a ‘buy with confidence’ for our customer which also benefits you the artist as it assures our buyers that we offer quality and take care to provide a secure buying platform. We also want you to feel secure with payments from us. We have a fast and fair payment system and once 21 days have passed from delivery and the buyer is 100% happy with their purchase you will receive payment. We will deal with any return issues or disputes and our decision is final.